Woman sitting on a sofa with her dog and reading a book


Instead of dog boarding kennel, Francine the dog is napping on my couch. At boarding kennels she rarely takes a nap. Dogs love my couch.

In Home Boarding

Do you feel bad about boarding your dog in a crowded kennel full of barking dogs? Boarding kennels can be loud and uncomfortable. At a kennel your dog may end up lonely or scared. Now your dog has an alternative to a boarding kennel, they can stay with me. When you’re away from home you can board your dog at my house instead of an intimidating and impersonal kennel.

Dog boarding at my house is much better than a kennel. Brody would never be this comfortable in a dog boarding kennel.

Boarding kennels are uncomfortable and intimidating for your dog. At a kennel your dog may end up lonely or scared. Instead of being lonely and scared at local kennels, your dogs can live the cushy life at my house while you are away from yours. At my place I will keep your dogs safe, cozy, and happy. My family style approach to boarding assures your dog gets the love and attention they deserve while you are away from home. Love and attention your dogs certainly won’t get at boarding kennels.

Doggie Day CareDay Care for our 4-legged furry babies works just like day care for human babies. You drop your pooch off on your way to work and your dog gets to play and nap at my place. No more feeling guilty about leaving your dog home all day because they will be safe, happy, and having a great time.

There is always plenty of playing and wrestling going on if that is how your dog wants to spend its day. All play is closely supervised and good manners and behavior are encouraged with positive reinforcement. Or if you pooch prefers to snooze away the day they can hang out in the bedroom with my dogs crashed out on my bed or any of the several available doggie beds.

Just a few of the benefits of doggie care include:

  • A full day of exercise and play
  • Increased confidence and social skills
  • Stress relief and alleviation of boredom
  • Constant supervision from a caring staff of one
  • Good behavior and manners are promoted and rewarded
  • Peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy
  • No feeling guilty about leaving your pooch home alone

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is in your home pet care. When you are away I will come to your house and provide your dogs and/or cats the care they are used to when you are home. This is a great alternative to boarding them at my place as it allows your dog or cat to stay in a familiar environment and on it’s regular schedule of feeding and activities. I will give your pets the same level of love, care, and attention as you do when you are home.

Most additional services can be done without extra cost to you. Things like brining in your mail, taking out the trash, rotating lights or blinds, watering plants, etc.

I can also provide your dog with lunchtime potty breaks when you can’t make it home. Most potty breaks are 15 minute visits which include being let outside, filling food and water dishes, and a little TLC. Receive a discount when you schedule regular visits.

Don't put your dog or dogs in boarding kennel. They can stay with me instead of a boarding kennel

Poop Pickup

We all love our dogs but cleaning up after them is a job that no one really wants. Enjoy your yard and leave the dirty work to me. Why spend time cleaning up after the dog when you can have me do it. Call me now and never have to scoop poop again.

Going to the dogs? This dog is not going to the boarding kennels.

Pet Transport

Need to take your dogs or cats to the vet, groomer, or anywhere else, but just don’t have the time? 

Let us drive your dog or cat for you. We can provide safe and comfortable round trip transportation for your dog or cat wherever they need to go. You can go about your business and your pet can ride with us. Or if you prefer you can ride to.

Rex the dog doesn't like going to the dogs kennel, but when boarding at my house he sleeps like a baby dog. At the kennels he rarely gets a good nights sleep.

Pet Photography

We also do quality pet photography of your 

dog or cat. If you want great photos of your dogs or cats just being themselves we can deliver. We deliver quality photos, guaranteed.

Dog Training

We do not currently offer dog obedience or electronic dog fence training but can have your dog trained while staying with us. We can coordinate with a local trainer, and your dog can be better behaved when you take them home. Al of Dogs 101 can train any dog.


Kozy Kritters have been active in animal rescue and welfare in Tucson for over 8 years and have 5 years experience as a veterinary technician. I have extensive experience caring for munchkin cat at my place and now your dog can stay here to. Unlike most kennels, I take pride in providing your dog with a clean and safe environment where your dog’s needs are my number one priority. So next time you need to go out of town don’t put your dog in a loud and uncomfortable boarding kennel. Bring them over to my place.

When your dog stays with me you can rest assured your pet wont develop the health or psychological issues often encountered in boarding kennels. Kennels are loud, uncomfortable, and sad. Staying with me gives your pet a warm, loving, cozy, and friendly alternative to putting them in a boarding kennel.